Master of Ceremonies

“I wish we could take him on the road with us” James Reyne


“Thanks Shep, you’re the best” Kasey Chambers

Shep Huntly has hosted literally hundreds of stages and events across Australia and throughout the UK.

He has worked in tiny tents to ten people at a time and on stages at huge rock concerts in front of 25,000 people.

It doesn’t matter what the event is, or how big the crowd is, Shep loves to host shows and events.

He is a master of audience participation and working the crowd and can whip any crowd into a frenzy.

                                                              Shep has been Master of Ceremonies at

Main Stage Federation Square Commonweath Games 2004        Circus Big Top Glastonbury Festival UK 2004-present

Main Stage Moomba Festival 2006 -20012                                       Main Stage Australian Circus Festival 2002-2014

World Sideshow Festival 2015,2017                                                  West Aus Circus Festival 2010-present

                             And literally hundreds of other events, shows and stages too numerous to mention.