The Art of the MC

with Shep Huntly

What a great workshop by an incredibly knowledgeable, personable and encouraging teacher. The pearls of wisdom were presented in easily processed bite sized chunks which we all got a chance to test out in front of our peers. I left on a high, with a vastly increased sense of understanding and confidence” Chloe King, Perth

Shep has been on stage for more than 25 years. He has spent thousands of hours in front of crowds. Shep had a casual affinity with his audience and has become the most sought after MC in the circus, cabaret and burlesque worlds.. In this course he will share secrets that will make you a better public speaker/event host/MC. This masterclass is perfect for beginners to get a start or mid career artists to brush up on their skills or professionals to gain new insights.

An insightful evening with a master craftsmen and an MC I’ve admired for years – left me inspired and knowing what I need to work on to improve my presence and delivery. I would recommend to both professional performers and volunteer event organisers alike. Well worth the 1.5 hour drive from up the coast. Thanks Shep!” Lucy Frost, Sydney.

Masterclass runs for 3 hours and includes:

An overview of the Art and the Mechanics of the role of the MC

The secrets of buying time.

The secrets of filing time.

How to turn a crowd into an audience.

How to develop trust with an audience.


The Thirty Second Friend.

Shep has developed a method of endearing yourself to an audience within the first 30 seconds.

He will share the secrets of The thirty second friend, including body language, timing, tone and intonation to ensure that you can become any audiences friend within thirty seconds.

What an absolute gem of a workshop! Shep Huntly is a generous, warm, supportive & inspiring teacher who communicates clearly & with full authenticity. I found so much gold in what he shared. His wisdom & insights from his wealth of experience on the stage meant that he had a LOT to offer in this workshop. I discovered new insights & revelations about details & nuances of the work that I had not thought of before. I’m fully inspired to take this new learning into practice in my next role as MC, with many thanks & gratitude to Shep for what he offered in this session. 

Brigid Morgan, Melbourne

Spaces are limited to 20 people per class.


Next Workshop – To be announced.

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Thanks Shep, you’re the best” Kasey Chambers