“ As with any good theatre show, it’s all about the delivery. And the delivery is utterly wonderful.” Australian Stage.

“It’s like watching huge, tattooed toddlers play with very dangerous things.” Brisbane Courier Mail

Physical comedy at its best, The Dark Party a new piece of extreme visceral theatre.

The Dark Party is enjoying rave reviews for rattling the cage of modern circus and bringing sideshow into the world of contemporary theatre.

The Dirty Brothers smash the boundaries of traditional circus/sideshow trick based performance and comedic theatre by placing sideshow stunts into emotional theatrical contexts.

Dark visual poetry driven by a vast eclectic soundtrack, not a word is spoken yet so much is said.


“I can assure you that this particular turn is high class clowning at its absolute finest.”

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Three lonely lost souls meet on an abandoned platform and embark upon a dark disjointed journey. Lost, disillusioned and mildly amused they stagger through a series of disconnected vignettes where they discover real laughter and true sorrow on their journey through a surreal world in search of life’s party.

A field of traps, an arctic blizzard and a tropical island are just some of the places we visit on our journey through the lives of these hopeless broken men.

The sideshow stunts become secondary to the pathos and character brought to each of these scenarios through the use of new and old-fashioned theatrical techniques.

Absurd, funny and highly entertaining this is the show Samuel Beckett would have written if he had run away with the circus.


“Through their use of character and pathos they elevate themselves high above the tattooed throng.”  The Scotsman



The National Theatre of London

The Sydney Opera House

The Victorian Art Centre

The Famous Speigeltent



Imaginarius Festival, Portugal

Libourne Festival, France

Stockton International Festival, UK


The World Sideshow Festival

Brisbane Festival

Vallodolid Arts Festival, Spain